Monday Night — 03.12.01 – Reading Group & Dual-Use at 16 Beaver

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MMonday Night — 03.12.01 – Reading Group & Dual-Use at 16 Beaver
1. About This Monday (……Renee Cox……)
2. About READING attachment
3. About eFAX Messenger
4. About Reading Group & Dual-Use Discussion Series
1. About This Monday
16 Beaver Reading Group in conjunction with Dual-Use
is pleased to invite anyone interested to join in a discussion
with RENEE COX this Monday (March 12, 2001) at 8pm.
Location: 16 Beaver Street, 5th Floor
Due to the recent controversy over her piece “Yo Mama’s Last Supper”
as well as Guiliani’s proposal for a decency committee, we have invited
Renee Cox to speak about her work and to take part in a broader
discussion of the recent political and press maneuvers.
We hope that this discussion will focus not only on the nature of this
particular “free speech” crisis but will also address the political climate
and the nature of the ever-tightening “moralism” and conservatism in
this city and country.
In addition, this meeting has been called in order to produce some insights
and discuss some strategies for organizing responses (resulting in possible
actions, press appearances, etc . . .).
{Please be sure to forward this message and invite friends}
2. About READING attachment
We have included some readings in the attached file, which should
help fuel some of the discussion this Monday. They are recent articles
relating to and discussing the BMA situation.
Includes 2 articles by Michael Kimmelman
A special thanks goes to Paige Sarlin for finding and assembling these
3. About eFAX Messenger
For Mondays we often like to distribute work, notes, readings to accompany
presentations. In these cases we use this messenger as a simple and cost
efficient way of distributing the materials. The download is short (it is a small
program) and quite simple to use. It allows you to read digital faxes (and of
course to print them). When you follow the link below, please make sure to
download the correct viewer. There is one for Windows and one for Mac. The
one for Mac will take a bit longer to download. Here is the link,
4. About Reading Group & Dual-Use Discussion Series
Dual-Use and the 16 Beaver Reading Group have collaborated over
the course of the last year or so to invite various artists, activists,
journalists, and other cultural workers to speak and discuss their
role and thoughts on (collective) art practice, activism, and community
involvement. In addition to these invited guests, panels, “town
meetings”, and group discussions have been organized to
explore specific issues and political situations.
We hope to continue these discussions which have included
individuals/organizations such as The National Mobilization
Against SweatShops (NMASS), Renée Green, Doug Ashford
(Group Material), Jim Costanzo (repoHISTORY), Ricardo
Dominguez (Electronic Disturbance Theater & Critical Art
Ensemble) and Anthony Arnove (editor of Iraq Under Siege :
The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War). If you have any
suggestions or would like to be involved in organizing future
presentations or panels, please write to sixteenbeaver@aol.com