Monday Night — 04.23.01 — Spivak / Derrida — Reading Group

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Monday Night — 04.23.01 — Spivak / Derrida — Reading Group
Spivak & Derrida enclosed
Reading Group at 16 Beaver
April 23, 2001, 8pm @ 16 Beaver Street, 5th Floor
1. About This Monday
2. About efax Reader (attached file: 2 short readings)
1. About This Monday
The themes of friendship, love, utopia, contentions of space, evictions, “nomadology”,
have circulated for many weeks. In between presentations, film and video screenings, readings, and sewing our discussions have focused on the last few weeks on the Derrida text “Politics of Friendship”. Last week, we screened a film that interwove the domestic and the political. The director, Elia Suleiman had combined vignettes of family life in Nazareth with a political narrative that takes place in Jerusalem (the film was Chronicle of a Disappearance). The weaving of politics into
the fabric of our discussions has been developing, emerging, receeding, and a question.
This week, Steve suggested we try to make some headway toward what is for some
less explicit, the politics of deconstruction. Two short readings are enclosed, each
about 6 pages or so in length. One is a Derrida text on Algeria (Taking a Stand for
Algeria) and the other is a text by Spivak (The Setting to Work of Deconstruction).
It should be interesting.
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