Monday — 05.28.01 — Reading Group at 16 Beaver — ARTISTALK

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Monday — 05.28.01 — Reading Group at 16 Beaver — ARTISTALK

ARTISTALK at 16 Beaver

1. About This Monday – ARTISTALK

1. About This Monday – ARTISTALK

Please Come and Invite Friends.

The following note from RG:

As some of you may or may not know. This summer, I will be doing a residency at the Contermporary Art Center in Yerevan, Armenia.

During my time at the Center, I will be involved in initiating some discussions on contemporary art practice (particularly in New York). Rather than circulate images via slides, I thought it might me more interesting to circulate the language around the work, to circulate questions or thoughts or ideas in the artists own words. Towards that end, I along with my friend Ayreen Anastas will be organizing a special event this Monday Night at 16 Beaver. Instead of a reading, we are inviting artists to sit in front of a camera for 3-5 minutes and answer one of three questions.

Basic Question::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

How do you usually spend your day?

Choice of one of these 3:::::::::::::::::

1. What event, idea, or question has most impacted/informed your work in the last year. How?

2. How has the city/place your are currently living in impacted/informed your work?

3. Can you speak about a recent work of your own or another artist that has engaged your attention? Elaborate.

All of those individuals who are waiting or not participating will be able to watch a video projection of each artist’s response live. So it will be an event / recording / video / presentation.

We would like to distribute these questions and encourage you to forward them. If you come as a participant, you may want to have an idea of what you would like to talk about, as there will be very little time between each of the participants.

These responses will then form the beginning of what should be an ongoing project that will hopefully involve other artists from other cities including but not limited to Yerevan.