Monday Night 11.11.02 — Katrin Pesch — Presentatiion/Discussion

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Monday Night 11.11.02 — Katrin Pesch — Presentatiion/Discussion
1. About this Monday
2. Description of Projects
1. About this Monday
Monday Novermber, 11 2002
When: 7pm
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 5th Floor
Open to All
This Monday night, we have invited Katrin Pesch, artist, writer,
and Whitney ISP alum to speak about and show three recent
projects. We hope you will join us for a presentation and
Katrin Pesch is an artist and writer living in New York and Berlin.
2. Description of Projects
Proposal, Potsdam 1999 and New York 2001
Slide Projection, ca. 10 minutes
The projection consists of a sequence of 40 photographs that show
various sites in the city of Potsdam. The photographs are descriptive
and seem to suggest a narrative yet they don’t tell a story. Two
dialogues, added as subtitles, tackle different stages of a film
production: the attempt to write a film script (giving hints to its
content without revealing the plot) in the first one, and the
preparations for a film shoot in the latter one, enacting a more
distanced professional tone.
Hey Produktion, Berlin 2001
Judith Hopf, Mona Kuschel and Katrin Pesch
Video, 7 minutes
The social function, imagination and use of an exemplary park landscape
of our times is at the center of ‘Hey Produktion’.
A female protagonist sits in a park trying to relax, but things around
her appear uncannily displaced. She feels forced to give up her search
for contemplation and now meets her doppelganger, who leads her into a
completely altered reality.
Hudson River Park, New York 2002
Slide Projection, ca. 13 minutes
Hudson River Park is a quasi-documentary narration in four ‘chapters’
about a contemporary city development project in New York. The series
of images shifts between fact and fiction, the accompanying text refers
to the discursive aspects of the production of space.