Friday (Vilnius) — International Lunchtime Summit — Music + Food + Toastmaking

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Friday (Vilnius) — International Lunchtime Summit — Music + Food + Toastmaking
1. Summary for Friday in Vilnius
2. Keywords for Friday
3. Details for Friday
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Rough Schedule for Friday
6. Lunch in 23 other cities!


1. Summary for Friday in Vilnius
Beginning at 3pm on Friday September 26, 2003, continuing til 10pm the
Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius will be the site of a social
experiment in the making. As part of the 1st International Lunchtime
Summit (http://www.16beavergroup.org/lunchtimesummit.htm), the Vilnius mirror site of 16Beaver will be attempting to construct an imagined community.
Binding this temporary, imagined community will be food, dance, music,
toastmaking, and various other cultural activities.
All are invited and welcome, admission is free, but we ask that each
person contribute one item/product/ingredient for the meal which will be
prepared by our specially invited chefs.
Confirmed Guests include:
Gabrielé Bartuseviciute, Brothers Lomonosovai, Rusak, Arturas
Bumsteinas, Gintas K, Antanas Jasenka, Atrack aka Denisas Safoval, Mic,
Dinas, hardcore.lt, Vilnius Film Collective, Virginija Januskeviciute,
Rene Gabri, Raimundas Malasauskas, Darius Miksys, Djembeparty, JA & GC,
Knygu Skaitymas, Kablys distro, Dreadlocks, Piercings, Ugnius (some
photos), Aiva, Vita, Egle (feminist trajectories), ,…
As a part of this evening’s activities, we will also be premiering
“ViLNiUS”” the movie.
Hope everyone can make it, details below of course!
2. Keywords for Friday
Beyond, An Unreal Time, Imagined Communities, Home Economics, Street
Music, Hunger, Premieres and Introductions, MC’s and Tamadas, Cashing
In/Out, Frequency Modulations, Toast-making, Fire Eaters, Punk, Ska,
Drum & Bass, Human Beat Box, Dinner Collectives, Food Insecurity, Common
People, Club Mikshys, Good Will, Social Experiments, Open Possibilities,
Get Involved
3. Details for Friday
Event Name:
Mark this as “Miscellaneous” or if you have a section for Social
Experimentation, place it there and title it: “Tasting, Hearing, Seeing,
Sharing, and Constructing an Imagined Community”.
Time: 3:00 – 10:00 pm
Location: CAC, Contermporary Art Centre in Vilnius
Brief Description:
The great social, political, and environmental problems of this young
century are as complex and varied as are the solutions. Rather than
propose actions or solutions, for the Vilnius part of the summit, we
will mainly focus on tasting, seeing, hearing, imagining and realizing a
temporary community of our own making. This community, be it
inoperative, utopian, antagonistic, problematic, exploited, alienated,
cooperative, unique, underway … will be gathered, proposed and
(dis)connected through various activities.
Some spaces for Actions/Activities/Experiments:
We played with several possibilities for this meal and well there are
ideas in our notebooks, which we may revisit on other occasions. But
for the 1st International Lunch Summit, we have organized an
experimental format for collective dinner planning. All visitors of the
Contemporary Art Centre are invited to contribute a product/ingredient
for the evening’s meal. At 6:00 2-3 food artists (i.e., chefs) of
different cooking persuasions will take all these ingredients and in the
space of a few hours prepare a meal for all the visitors/participants to
enjoy. In addition, to what will be our dinner, artist Darius Miksys has
promised a light culinary invention for our lunch.
//Sound & Music//
This aspect of the project is inspired by an interesting set of public
performances organized by e-Xplo (e-Xplo.org) in Turin, Italy in 2001 as
a part of BIG. In these “open channel” events, sound artists were
invited to perform live in public spaces, performing individually, and
then being invited to also perform together, unrehearsed, improvised.
For the Vilnius project, a group comprised of Rene, Raimundas, Virga,
Gintas K, Mic, and a few others (the list grows a bit each day) have
been putting together a set of sound artists, street musicians, and
others working with sound/music to come together for this day, and
create a set of individual performances and “jam sessions” which will
not only entertain visitors and participants, but also attempt through
sound to represent a sort of imagined community. A space where alterity
or difference is not only tolerated or accepted, but enjoyed, engaged
with, welcomed.
The set list will be improvised, put together between the artists and
posted the day of the performances.
//Language and Voice//
The social construction of our community requires discussion and
possibly debate. To highlight the importance of oral culture and the
oral transmission of ideas, The Society for Experimental Catering and
The International Union of MC’s and Tamadas will co-sponsor the first
ever World Championship of Toastmaking. Professional and amateur
toastmakers from Lithuania as well as from abroad will be invited to
present, within the context of our meal, a toast addressing Vladimir
Lenin’s provocative question ‘What is to Be Done?’
In this toast, our prospective “tamadas” will be judged by a panel of
experts on their mode of delivery as well as the insight and vision of
their proposals. An award will be given to honor the most exceptional
//Film and Video//
In addition to our attempts to link live feeds from the different
lunches/cities, we will be premiering Jennifer Allora and Guillermo
Calzadilla’s project for the 24/7 exhibition called “ViLNiUS”. In the
project, the artists placed an ad asking residents of Vilnius who were
interested, to come together and make a film.
Those who were interested in participating in the project were given all
decision making for making the film. They decided the subject matter,
the actors, the genre, the locations, and the final cut.
The only demand of the project was that it be called “ViLNiUS”.
Screening will begin at approx: 9:00 pm
//Visual Interferences, Tools, Cues & Q’s//
“What is to be done?” may also need to be visualized and questioned in
this temporary community of ours, how about placards, papers, markers
which will be available for guests, actors, participants … in order to
make signs that voice various political concerns and their imagined
solutions. Forms with the question “What is To Be Done” will also be
available for people to fill out. In addition, groups who have a
particular political project, underrepresented communities,
counter-culture zines, activists, social networks and clubs will be
invited to station or bring representatives, booklets, pamphlets, and
other materials at temporary kiosks.
Please join us for what should be an exceptional event!
Rene Gabri
Raimundas Malasauskas
Virginija Januskeviciute
Gintas K
4. Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What do the following cities have in common?
Answer: They are all a part of the 1ST INTERNATIONAL LUNCHTIME SUMMIT
Question: How do I participate
Answer: Visit the 16Beavergroup.org website, click lunchtime, find your
city and contact the person in charge.
Question: What if my city does not have a lunch or I want to organize
another one?
Answer: Organize a lunch event of your own and let us know about it
(peterlasch@16beavergroup.org + renegabri@16beavergroup.org) we will
list it on the site, document the activity and help put a publication of
it together, by gather related material.
5. Rough Schedule for Friday’s Events
3:00-3:30 The day begins with a light meal/snack prepared by Club
Mikshys’s own Darius Miksys.
3:30-4:00 Invited musicians and sound artists assembled through various
networks and organizers spanning Street Music, Djembe, SKA, Hip-Hop,
Punk, Drumm & Bass, Noise, Electro-Acoustic Mini/Maximalia and the
uncategorizable will create a rough schedule.
3:30-9:15 Vistors and invited guests who have brought political and
other interesting materials will be given an opportunity to situate
their work on temporary kiosks/tables. Another table with blank papers
and markers will be available for additional signs which represent
wishes or responses to the question of the evening: “What is to be
4:15-9:15 Music will begin and continue throughout the evening (except
during toasts) — the music will consist of short individual sets,
varying in length as well as some improvised “jam sessions”
6:15 This is the deadline for all who have brought food
products/ingredients for our guest chefs.
6:15-8:00 Our invited chefs will improvise a meal using all the
materials contributed from the visitors.
8:00 Dinner is hopfully served
8:30 Toastmaking Competition (guests and a few invited people will make
toasts addressing “What is to be Done?”
9:15 Premiere of “ViLNiUS” the movie
6. Lunch in 23 other cities!
Please visit: