Friday – Saturday – Sunday (Vilnius) — Kind Teams — Screenings + Discussions + Activities related to Collaboration

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Friday – Saturday – Sunday (Vilnius) — Kind Teams — Screenings + Discussions + Activities related to Collaboration
0. About this weekend
1. Weekend Schedule
2. Details about Friday — Pass it On
(Dubauskas, Malasauskas, Paukste, Skackauskas & Raila)
3. Details about Fri+Sat — Sleep with Me
(Bik van der Pol)
“Kind Teams” include:
Bik van der Pol, Arturas Raila, Ayreen Anastas, Gintautas Mazeikis, Carey Young, Beatriz Santiago, Walid Ra’ad, Jayce Salloum, Vytautas Dubauskas, Vytautas Paukste, Algirdas Skackauskas, Club Mikshys, Rytis Juodeika, Ella Klaschka, Rene Gabri, Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonai, Raimundas Malasauskas,
+ more teams yet to confirm
0. About this weekend (Kind Teams & Team Kinds)
Collaboration (ku`labu’reyshun)
[n] act of working jointly ; “they worked either in collaboration or independently”
[n] act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy
Kind Teams & team kinds is a set of events that came together both organically as well as with some effort as a part of the “24/7” exhibition.
Bringing together different artists and projects, these activities and events form what will be a loose symposium on different modes, relations, ideas, possibilities, concerns regarding collaboration.
We hope that you will be able to join us. The symposium will span Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and will involve individuals from Vilnius, near Vilnius and elsewhere.
The activities will range from screenings and discussions to sleeping, exploring the city and eating together.
1. Weekend Schedule
FRIDAY 10.10.03
19:00 Screening + Discussion of “PASS IT ON” (w/ Vytautas Dubauskas, Raimundas Malasauskas, Vytautas Paukste, Arturas Raila, Algirdas Skackauskas) See Below for more Info
24:00 Screening + Sleeping – “SLEEP WITH ME” (Bik Van Der Pol) w/ Warhol’s “Sleep”
SATURDAY 10.11.03
16: 30 Presentation of LOOKING FOR MR. FLUXUS: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF GEORGE MACIUNAS, an exhibition catalogue containing an interview with George Maciunas realised in 2003 in collaboration with …
This roundtable will combine short presentations, videos, and open discussion periods (15 minutes in length each) addressing questions related to collaboration within cultural practice as well as its links to other domains such as politics, corporate life, aliens, ghosts, education, science, etc…
Keywords: Love, Friendship, Competition, Collaboration, Congratulations, Communication, Community, Antagonism, Negotiation, Exchange, Given Time, Wasted Time, Disagreements, Partnerships, Collusions and Collisions, Politics, Teamwork, Common Goals, After Ego, Exchange, Anonymity and Magnonymity, Compromises, Exploitation, Alone Together, Thank You, Dovanokit.
Among the participants: Ayreen Anastas, Gintautas Mazeikis, Bik van der Pol, Club Mikshys, Rytis Juodeika, Ella Klaschka, Rene Gabri, Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonai, Raimundas Malasauskas
20:00 Video Screening — UP TO THE SOUTH (Jayce Salloum & Walid Ra’ad)
21:00 FOURTH SIDE OF A DOLLAR (slide talk) Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri visit the photograhs of Raimundas Malasauskas
24:00 Screening + Sleeping – “SLEEP WITH ME” (Bik Van Der Pol) w/ Warhol’s “Sleep”
SUNDAY 10.12.03
16:00 Counter-Cartography Excursion – (all are invited to meet in front of CAC, determine a route which will include sites suggested by visitors of the CAC as well as sites determined on the spot … sites will include locations which retain or recall counter-narratives of the city, possible sites of pleasure, resistance, forgetting or forgotten, misplaced, displaced,sites etc…) for more information visit (http://www.16beavergroup.org/w-l/projects.htm#A)
20:00 Spontaneous Dinner – all who participate in the walk will determine an idea for a meal together
1. About this Friday Night — Pass it On
When: 7pm
Where: CAC
Who: All are invited
What: Screening and Discussion with Vytautas Dubauskas, Algirdas Skackauskas, Vytautas Paukste, & Arturas Raila
PASS IT ON consists of a growing odd number of miniDV tapes, drifting in different parts of the world and collecting video contributions of people who received the tapes from other people. the miniDV tapes they received asked “to watch them, record your contribution and pass it on”. Curated by Rai. This weekend three tapes will be screened: those started by Beatriz Santiago (San Juan), Carey Young (London) and Vytautas Dubauskas, Algirdas Skackauskas, Vytautas Paukste (Arturas Raila, “Painters’ Video”).
Tape # 1 or “Painters’ Video” by Arturas Raila__Arturas Raila passed the tape as well his video-camera to three famous mid-career male painters in Vilnius thus engaging them into a monumental yet intimate voyeur life-trips. Since none of the three men was especially familiar with digital reproduction technologies before, the project took an almost symbolic weight of a masculine initiation. Vytautas Dubauskas, the father of two, woke up first and with a help of a manual regime followed his sleeping teenage kids. After they woke up the idyllic atmosphere turned into a kitchen-sink type of routine, and the father went to the balcony for a smoke. This is where story gets picked by Algirdas Skackauskas, a legendary Lithuanian painter, a few days later. He never operated a DV camera before and we see him fully relying on automatic mode while waiting for an inspiration in the balcony of his studio on the 12th floor. His lens meets a woman (who is into not only his painting and poetry) coming down to the studio. Meanwhile painter’s wife sleeps in the apartment of the 2nd floor of the same building. The clash of off-duty male and family commitments reaches its climax when the tape suddenly ends during the take of blanket “woven by the mother…” “That’s a sign”, admits Skackauskas. Vytautas Paukste, the last of the three painters in the chain, collects the signs to this collaborative life-ride into a never-ending loop of job, home, TV and painting (maybe that’s why he is not quick to return the camera and the tape). A bitter irony mixes with self-irony in a message from a generation “that has received everything too early in the beginning, and later everything was too late” (Raila).
2. About “Sleep with Me”
24:00 – 09:00 BIK VAN DER POL. SLEEP WITH ME. During the two nights of Friday and Saturday peple are invited to stay in CAC overnight watching Andy Warhols “Sleep”
During Perish, a weekend with live and video performances in 1997 at artist run space Duende in Rotterdam, Sleep With Me took place for the first time. Thirty people were invited to spend the night in the studio building. In one of the exhibition spaces Bik Van der Pol installed 30 beds where people could stay and watch Andy Warhol’s 6-hour film Sleep (1963). After that, Sleep With Me was presented more, for example in 2000 at Tokyo Opera Art gallery where a tatami platform provided a comfortable situation for the public to sit, lay down, or hang around, to watch the film or fall asleep. This time, Sleep ran continuously. Only a few people have ever been able to see this film due to its length and the lack of narrative: it is not shown regularly in cinemas, not even during retrospectives of Warhol’s films. Like with many of performance and other time-based art from the 60s and 70s, this film is known through its mythical proportions, steered by documentation stills, small clips and stories. To renew the experience of this work, Bik van der Pol creates this situation. The visitors are both the public and performers at the same time; they are each others’ public and “perform” for each other. Sleep lies precisely on the edge between illusion and reality, real time and film-time, as does the concept for the installation project: without narrative, unfolding as time develops.
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