Craig Buckley in conversation with LTTR and Instant Coffee.

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When: Monday, October 13, 7:30 PM
What: Craig Buckley in conversation with LTTR and Instant Coffee.
Where: 16 Beaver (see below for directions)
LTTR (Lesbians to the Rescue) is a journal of art, queer theory, photo and music put together by three queer women: Ginger Brooks Takahashi, K8 Hardy, and Emily Roysdon. LTTR “documents a thriving community/communities of artistic and political lesbians, queers and trans people– but perhaps more importantly, is creating channels for dialogue and creative collaboration within these cultures.”
Instant Coffee, a collective from Toronto, Canada, has developed a practice that culminates in bringing together large numbers of artists, designers, musicians, and other cultural producers under loosely themed events. They also publish “Instant Coffee Saturday Edition,” a monthly on-line magazine. Consistent members of Instant Coffee are Cecilia Berkovic, Timothy Comeau, Jinhan Ko, Kate Monro, Jenifer Papararo, and Jon Sasaki. {www.instantcoffee.org}
Craig Buckley, the evening’s moderator, is a Canadian independent curator and writer based in New York City.
Tuesday, October 14, 12-5 PM
Artists Alliance, Inc.
107 Suffolk Street
<> As usual, Instant Coffee’s Urban Disco Trailer in the back parking lot. Open for social locations. Take away give aways. No surprises. (Parking Lot on Norfolk St, between Delancy and Rivington Sts)
Tuesday, October 14, 7-8:30 PM
Participant, Inc.
95 Rivington Street
Btw Ludlow + Orchard Sts
<> A screening of music-based videos, turning base-metals into gold, including Meesoo Lee with The Radio, Scott Russell, Galia Eibenschutz + Alexis Zabe, Txema, Pedro “zulu” Gonzalez, Peaches by Lisa Kannako, Silverio by Miguel Calderon, Jinhan Ko, Tony Romano + Shayne Ehman with the Grassy Knowles, Jon Sasaki, Paige Stain, Jordan Sonenberg with the Evil Plans, Hidden Cameras by Laura Cowell, Chris Mills, and Greg Hefford, plus a special screening by LTTR and Matthias Fritsch.