Tuesday Night 08.03.04 — Reverend Billy — Action / Discussion / Food / Drinks — MASS MoCA Series

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Tuesday Night 08.03.04 — Reverend Billy — Action / Discussion / Food / Drinks — MASS MoCA Series
1. About this Tuesday (Reverend Billy)
2. Notes on First Amendment Tuesdays.
3. Notes on cd release party
4. About the MASS MoCA Series
1. About this Tuesday with Reverend Billy and the Church
of Stop Shopping
What: Creative Protest + Discussion + Food/Drinks with Reverend Billy
Who: Anyone interested is invited
When: 6.30 pm,
Where: WTC Path Train, Church Street (NYC), details below
Too much reading and not enough interventionism?
Why wait til the RNC to take back our streets?
This Tuesday Night, we invite all interested parties to join us, Reverend Billy, the Church of Stop Shopping and other participants, for a First Amendment Tuesday event. Details on the ritual recitation of the First Amendment are included below.
After the first amendment recitation, we will be heading to an apartment on Perry Street for a discussion and food and drinks. The event is a cd release party, and a fundraiser, but all that will be expected of us is to bring something to eat or drink.
We have set aside some room for the discussion to follow!
2. Notes on First Amendment Tuesdays.
This Tuesday we will be joining one of the Interventionist Artists, Reverand Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping in reciting the First Amendment in front of the WTC Path Station on Church Street at Ground Zero.
After the participatory demonstration/performance we will either head to 16beaver or find a public location to hold a discussion with Bill about his work, this particular intervention, the possibilities and limits of cultural critique, and his observations on the upcoming events being planned around the Republican National Convention.
Details About First Amendment Mob Below:
EVERY Tuesday!
Come and recite the single sentence that guarantees the right of free speech and peaceable assembly….
First Amendment of the US Constitution:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
When: Tuesday, 6:30 PM, for 30 minutes.
Where: WTC Path Station on Church Street at Ground Zero (Subway: “A” to Cortland, “N/R” to Rector, “4/6” walk over from City Hall)
What: Come down the steps into station, a large boxy room with a view of GZ.
And bring a cell phone!
How: First, memorize the 1st Amendment, or wear it on your sleeve, or have a friend prompt you over the phone. Enter the station repeating phrases of the Amendment. As you do this, you will be surrounded by others on cell phones doing the same thing.
Pretend you don’t know them.
Then, after ten minutes of repetition, say the whole thing forcefully. We all get better at the same rate and gather, reciting the great words in unison. We become a crowd with one common statement. Finally: We repeat the phrase big and clean.
The room is “live” and acts as a natural amplifier – this is exciting.
Getting put in pens at peace marches is ILLEGAL.
Ground Zero cannot be a SUPER MALL. Bring our rights under the Constitution back to the LIGHT.
3. Notes on CDRELEASE party
…Harass the Cash Registers of Starbucks
Two Items in this Holy Writ:
1. Summary of order by Los Angeles Superior Court
2. 1st Amendment Mob on Tuesday, followed by CDRELEASE party for our Tomato
Records masterpiece, which will change theworld. This party, at 165 Perry
Street, on the 6th Floor, is afundraiser for our activities during the
Republican Evil.
Item 1: The Judge Objects to the Cash Register Exorcism
The Honorable J. Harkavy has enjoined William Claire Talen, aka Reverend
Billy, from coming within 250 yards of “all the Starbucks in the State of
California.” The injunction reads: “The defendent shall not annoy, harass,
strike, threaten, sexually assault, batter, stalk, destroy personal property
of, or otherwise disturb the peace of the… Starbucks Corporation.”
Is this taking the “personhood of the corporation” over the top?
Item 2: August 3rd 1st Amendment Mob followed by CHURCH CONCERT!
We welcome you to join us Tuesday at Ground Zero, for our single sentence
with five freedoms. We recite the revolutionary words into our cellphones,
and try to keep up with the commuters. This is our 21st consecutive Tuesday
– and we will continue to August 31st during the Republican Shopacolypse,
held by sinners who have used 9/11 for their attack on the freedoms
guaranteed in the Constitution.
Our Dirty yet Holy secret is that a definite buzz takes place upon repeating
these freedoms:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,
or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to
petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
and WINE TASTING OVERLOOKING THE HUDSON RIVER. Binoculars will be supplied for spying on Hugh Jackman, who can be seen in his undies in a nearby glass apartment house.
Tuesday August 3rd, 7:30 PM, 165 Perry Street on the 6th floor. This is a
fundraiser with a suggested gift of $50. Money is being raised for the
following items:
1. Defending the Madison Square Garden Street Vendors
2. Rent this month for a certain church official and his wife
3. Legal fees in Los Angeles for a certain church official
4. A bail fund for 1st Amendment-related arrests during theRNC Evil
5. Publicizing our hit single “George Bush Does Not Return ToGround Zero!”
…which we will unveil in its glory on Tuesday night. Newly burned CDs will
be given to our supporters. Please RSVP at revbilly@earthlink.net or call
4. About MASS MoCA Series
At the conclusion of May 2004, MASS MoCA opened its doors to “The
Interventionists: Art in the Social Sphere – a brief survey of
interventionist political art practices of the 90s”.
Since 1999, we have been organizing events, presentations, and activities
which have among other things generated/addressed questions related to
social/political engagement within cultural practice.
So rather than produce something outside our framework of ongoing
activities for this exhibition, we will instead tie together our
discussions/events which deal with the larger questions of art in the
social sphere.
We will not only attempt to invite artists who are involved with the
exhibition, but other projects, artists, practices which we find
interesting and believe make an important contribution to the subject at
hand. We also hope to organize some readings and open discussions that do
not center on one particular artist or group.
Other events in the series have included:
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