Tuesday Night 05.17.05 — Screening — First Cut of "The Last Slide Projector" — Paige Sarlin

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Tuesday Night 05.17.05 — Screening/Dinner — “The Last Slide Projector” — Paige Sarlin
0. Dinner Concept
1. About this Tuesday Night
2. About The Last Slide Projector
3. About More Information
4. 3 Points of Orientation

note: we will meet at 8:00pm, screening at 8:30
0. Dinner Concept
Please bring one or more of the following:
a. a non-meat ingredient that will be good for making a soup
b. something that would go well beside a bowl of soup
c. something to drink
We will put all of the soup ingredients in a pot and make a dinner for us to enjoy while we discuss the film.
1. About this Tuesday night
What: screening / dinner / discussion
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 4th floor (directions below)
When: Tuesday Night 05.17.05 @ 8:00 Pm
Who: Open To All
Paige Sarlin is in town this week, having just finished the first cut of the
“documentary” film she has been working on for the last year and a half.
She will screen this 50 minute version and then we will have a discussion
afterwards. The film is not finished and she plans to work through the rest
of the summer to complete it. So please come and join in a conversation
about obsolescence, labor, the changing nature of change, and the shift from
analog to digital.
2. About “The Last Slide Projector”
“The Last Slide Projector” is a documentary that tells the story of the
production of the last Carousel slide projector by Eastman Kodak. Shot on
both 16mm and digital video, the 50-minute film chronicles a year of
transition in the lives of people who have been intimately connected with
an industry and a medium that has been central to family memories, to
education, to the history of art and to the development of corporate
culture. Ending with the last day of production,”The Last Slide Projector”
documents a series of events organized to mark this historic shift from
analog to digital technology and contemplates the consequences of these
3. About More Information and More Screenings
If you can’t make this last minute screening and want more information about
the film, please do not hesitate to email Paige about the project. She is
planning to tour with the film in the fall- so if you are interested to find
a way to arrange a screening please let her know. Also, as there are still
finishing funds to raise, if you or anyone you know would like to make a
tax-deductible contribution to the project, please contact her as well.
4. 3 Points of Orientation
a. Kodak Confirms Plans To Stop Making Slide Projector
b. SUNY images adapt to new age
Online database offers access to art, pictures once stored on slides
c. Paige in Chicago