Thursday Night 04.13.2006 Presentation /Discussion with sandy k.

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1. About Thursday Night
2. About sandy k.
3. Links
4. about ak kraak and kanak attak
1. About Thursday Night
What: Presentation /Discussion with sandy k.
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 4th floor (directions below)
When: Thursday Night 04.13.2006 @ 7:30 Pm
Who: Open and Free To All
sandy k. will present some of his graphic design projects, and discuss
the political background and context.
– open for discussion – Hope you can make it.
2. sandy k.
sandy k. is a Berlin-based graphic designer. He became involved in the
Autonomist (undogmatic radical Left) movement in Germany in the mid-80’s, and since then has been active in social movments and political networks.
His studio bildwechsel (http://image-shift.net) works primarily in
social, political and cultural contexts. image-shift works to create awareness amongst political activists on the importance of visual communications and production in political struggle. Image-shift has produced over eighty posters over the years, most of them in collaboration with political groups.
sandy has been an member of the activist video magazine ak kraak.
since 1998 he has been a member of the antiracist network kanak attak.
sandy is currently fostering 2 cats – who are now looking for a
permanent place to stay!
3. links
studio website:


some bio information & memefest info
kanak attak manifest in english
little insight on some posters & posterpage
engagement& graphic design project info
on grapus & link to backspace
cactus network / GB & collecttive distrubution
4. about ak kraak and kanak attak
‘Kanak Attak’ is a community of different people from diverse
backgrounds who share a commitment to eradicate racism from German
society. Kanak Attak is not interested in questions about your
passport or heritage, in fact it challenges the importance placed on
such information. Kanak Attak challenges the orthodoxy (both
conservative and liberal) that good ‘race relations’ is simply a
matter of tighter immigration control. Our common position is to
oppose the ‘Kanakisation’ of specific groups of people through the
racist categories that deny people their social, legal and political
‘Ak Kraak’ is published twice a year. It is a political video magazine
and production collective which provides a cultural and content space
for political scenes and movements. Ak Kraak grew out of the last big
squatting movement in East Berlin in the early 90s. At the time the
East Berlin government had stepped down and the West Berlin officials
were not yet in charge of East Berlin. More than 120 houses were being
squatted. Ak Kraak saw its role as primarily distributing information
– from the movement, for the movement – to create debate between
diverse cultural and political scenes , and to construct and
deconstruct identity definitions.
The squatting movement in Berlin is now gone (…)
16 Beaver Group
16 Beaver Street, 4th / 5th fl.
New York, NY 10004
phone: 212.480.2093
for directions/subscriptions/info visit:
4,5 Bowling Green
R,W Whitehall
2,3 Wall Street
J,M Broad Street
1,9 South Ferry