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NOVEMBER 9, 2004. “Interestingly, none of the complaining emailers took
issue with the remarkable results out of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. In 29
precincts there, the County’s website shows, we had the most unexpected
results in years: more votes than voters.
I’ll repeat that: more votes than voters. 93,000 more votes than
You can find those words at MSNBC.com. They’re written by Keith
Olbermann, who does the Countdown television show each day on MSNBC.
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NOVEMBER 10, 2004. A follow-up to the short piece I wrote yesterday.
Keith Olbermann of MSNBC has now gone on Hardball and repeated the
election-fraud info he has to host Chris Matthews.
One step up the food chain.
Keith discussed Warren County, Ohio, which swung the state to
Bush—and was shut down to all observers as the vote was counted.
Reporters and public were kept out of the county building a week ago
last Tuesday.
Keith also brought up the counties in Florida where the eventual vote
was at great odds with the Demo-Repub split of registered voters.
Keith’s own MSNBC show is called Countdown, and the email address is
countdown@msnbc.com. Also KOlbermann@msnbc.com
Here is the thing. They’ve been flooded with emails from the public.
These messages are providing more information on vote fraud and are
thanking Keith for airing the truth.
The number of emails is being noticed at NBC. MSNBC is the lowest rated
cable news channel, behind CNN and FOX. It is an ailing operation. So
the sudden and massive influx of emails is bracing for NBC.
Don’t worry, I haven’t gone addled. I know that all the networks have a
stake in pretending the election was honest. But I also know that
thousands of emails are a very noticeable phenomenon, are themselves a
news story.
So take a minute and email the show at the above address. Spread the
word. If 5 or 10 thousand emails to Countdown can cause a little
ripple, maybe a hundred thousand can create a slightly larger ripple.
Keith is not quite your average newsman. Watch the show and you’ll see.
He’s basically a quite talented man, something of a humorist. He
appreciates the ironies. He definitely likes the fact that his show is
suddenly being noticed. If it started overtaking other MSNBC and CNN
and FOX shows in the ratings, it would be a major triumph for him.
Cut and paste and send articles on vote fraud. Send a few words of
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