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tsk..tsk…all this talk about “red” and “blue” states…but this show
was exhibited with no problem in a “red” state meanwhile here in our
“liberal blue” state….
ADC New York Action Alert
November 12, 2004
Contact Westchester Officials in Support of Palestinian Art Exhibit
Today, NY State Assemblyman Ryan Karber, whose district includes much
of Westchester County, issued a two-page statement condemning an
upcoming exhibit of Palestinian art. In the statement, which was sent
to local press, he urged Westchester County officials to cancel the
November 20th Made in Palestine Art Exhibition because it “glorifies
terrorism” and “is offensive to me as a Jew, as an American, and as a
civilized human being” (the full text of Karber’s statement follows
Andrew Spano, Westchester County Executive, has been quoted in the
Associate Press as indicating that he is “seriously considering”
Karber’s request to cancel the event (and thus breaking the county’s
contract with the event organizers).
1. Please contact the offices of Andrew Spano, Westchester County
Executive, to urge him NOT to cancel this exhibit. He can be reached at
2. Please contact Bob Reno, Westchester County Center Manager, to urge
him NOT to cancel this exhibit. He can be reached at 914-995-7412.
3. Please contact Assemblyman Karber’s office to express your dismay
over his racist statements. He can be reached at 518-455-5118 or
845-624-4601 or via email at: karbenr@assembly.state.ny.us.
1. It is outrageous to claim offense at an art exhibit designed to
celebrate and educate the community about the history and culture of
the Palestinian people; Palestinian Americans in Westchester have the
right celebrate their rich cultural heritage and share their history
with their fellow New Yorkers.
2. To claim that a celebration of Palestinian culture “glorifies
terrorism” is a transparent attempt to demonize Palestinians and
justify Israel’s 37 year-old illegal occupation of the West Bank and
MADE IN PALESTINE, an exhibit of Palestinian art, music and poetry
organized by Al-Jisser will be in Westchester on Saturday, November
20th from 5-10pm at the Westchester County Center at 198 Central
Avenue, White Plains, NY. Tickets are $16 tickets and will be available
through Ticketmaster at www.ticketmaster.com.
For more information, go to www.wespac.org.
November 12, 2004
Aaron Troodler
(845) 548-5565 – cell
Says Art Show Glorifies Terrorism And Denounces Israel
Assemblyman Ryan Scott Karben (D/I-Rockland) today called on
Westchester County to cancel the anti-Israel “Made in Palestine” art
exhibit scheduled to be held on November 20th at the Westchester County
Center. Karben
said that the artists whose work will be displayed at the exhibit
glorify terrorism and describe Jews as Nazis.
“This exhibit does not promote art – it promotes terrorism and
violence,” Karben said, “These artists’ muses are murder and martyrdom
and their work is distasteful and divisive.”
Karben said that he is sure that if Westchester County officials knew
of the exhibit’s contents, it would not have agreed to allow the group
to use the Westchester County Center, a facility that is under the
control of the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and
Conservation. Karben noted that many museums in the New York area have
refused to host the “Made in Palestine” exhibit because of the
offensive, propagandistic and anti-Israel nature of the display.
Karben noted that one of the artists, Abdel Rahmen Al Muzayen, is a
former general in the Palestinian Liberation Organization, an entity
responsible for the murder of hundreds of Israelis and Americans.
Another artist, Ashraf Fawakhry, created a piece of “art” that pays
homage to the first 13 Palestinian “martyrs” in the anti-Israel
uprising that began in 2000.
“This exhibit is a propaganda show for assassins,” Karben said, “The
blood spilled by the PLO would fill countless canvases.”
Other pieces that are part of the exhibit include a tent created by
Emily Jacir entitled “Memorial to 418 Palestinian Villages Destroyed,
Depopulated and Occupied by Israel in 1948.” Another item shows an
Arab kafiyah (headdress) trapped in a Magen David (Jewish Star) made of
barbed wire.
There are also displays of violence that the artists claim are showing
the proud Arab masses standing up to the advanced ammunition of the
Israelis using only stones. An ammunition box that would normally hold
bullets for an M-16 rifle is filled with rocks. Yet another painting
shows a group of people on a horse throwing rocks, while another item
shows the Hamas
symbol of a raised fist holding a rifle. Hamas has been designated by
the United States government as a terrorist organization. The guide
accompanying the exhibit refers to the creation of the modern State of
Israel in 1948
as a “catastrophe.”
“The pieces included in this exhibit are offensive to me as a Jew, as
an American, and as a civilized human being,” Karben said, “What is
meant to promote peace actually preaches prejudice. The portrayal of
terrorists as victims of oppression is despicable and it has no place
in society.”
Karben noted that the “Made in Palestine” exhibit has been endorsed and
supported by a number of anti-Israel and anti-US web sites, in which
people are urged to purchase tickets to the exhibit as a show of
solidarity with the Palestinian people. The event is being sponsored
by the WESPAC Foundation.