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If there is any confusion about the results of the election in Armenia, this could be a clue? -rg
28 March, 2008
A number of NGOs have made a statement headlined “Armenia 2008:
Return to Stalinism” which runs:
“Democratic reforms in Armenia resulted in sowing state terror. In the
wake of the lifting of state of emergency the Armenian authorities
unleashed a new wave of violence and intimidations. Having adopted
Soviet KGB methods, the Armenian police and National Security Services
subject unprotected people to organised repressions.
Without any grounding or explanation, citizens are detained in broad
daylight and forcibly taken to police stations, thus any occasional
person passing by may fall a victim to suchlike violence. Only
afterwards in the police station is their identity revealed, their
participation in the March 1 rally clarified. People are subjected
to psychological pressure and intimidation.
The scale of such violence increases day by day. The Armenian
authorities arbitrarily violate constitutional rights and fundamental
freedoms of the people.
We, the undersigned, urge to immediately cease terror against the
people of Armenia
1.”Youth for Democracy” NGO
2.Transparency International Anti-corruption Center NGO
3.”Asparez” Journalists’ Club
4. “Krtutyan Asparez” NGO
5 Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Armenian Committee NGO
6 Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office
7. “Huys” NGO
8. “We Plus” NGO
9. “Victims of State Needs” NGO
10. “Sksela” Youth Movement