Greg — homeland security charging artist/fillmmaker Lawrence Brose: support needed

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this just came across email but appears quite serious (apologies if you have already received it – g):
Our friend Lawrence Brose, an important filmmaker, and arts advocate has been accused by Homeland Security of possessing illicit images. The images they cited include one hundred prints from his highly acclaimed film, De Profundis, based on Oscar Wilde’s prison letter. He maintains his innocence and will not plead out the case, for the sake of his own good name and for the good of the larger arts community.
Initial forensic research, commissioned by his attorneys, discovered a backdoor Trojan virus on his computer allowing anyone access. We urge everyone to install and maintain anti-virus software on your computer – this could happen to you! There were many downloads onto his computer when he was traveling and out of the country.
As you can imagine, the cost of his legal defense is going to be quite expensive. His friends, colleagues, and supporters have set up a legal defense fund and are working to raise $30,000 by his August court date and a total of $200,000 for his entire defense. We are reaching out for your help, as I know how strongly you feel about free speech and the importance of art in our society.
Please visit the website at: http://lawrencebroselegaldefensefund.com
to review the testimonials, read the Case for Support and consider donating to the defense fund. This is going to be an extensive process and ordeal but Lawrence’s attorneys feel strongly that they will be able to exonerate him and restore his good name and reputation.
The Lawrence Brose Legal Defense Fund is a Class A Non-Profit corporation registered with the State of New York.